LUXE Botanics

Inspired by nature’s most time-honoured, visibly proven botanical ingredients, Luxe Botanics reflects the passionate pursuit of South African biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, and her belief in the remarkable intersection between science and nature. In line with Health Infusion’s overall ethos, this line of products originated from the personal experience of the founder and as a natural solution to aesthetic wellness.

Each Luxe Botanics elixir is formulated to precision with high concentrations of unique core botanicals, which are enhanced by sustainable, true-to-nature ingredients. The culmination is an intelligent curation of exclusive formulas that deeply nourish and care for skin while instilling wellness as part of a daily beauty ritual.

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Hydrate, illuminate and plump skin with Camu Brightening Mist, a refreshing spray all day toner bursting with vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate and Damascus
rose water.

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A hyper targeted treatment to revitalise dull, sun damaged skin, a light, easily absorbable oil loaded with potent vitamin C and free radical fighting CoQ10, ferulic acid and tea extracts.

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A solution for skin imperfections, this liquid concentrate is formulated with gentle yet potent skin purifying botanicals for skin concerns and support.

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