Naturopathic Technician


Rick Olazabal, our Naturopathic Technician, is an Ontario licensed Naturopathic Doctor (“ND”), who has completed 8+ years of post-secondary training plus a number of post-doctoral examinations to receive his certifications in intravenous nutrient therapy and acupuncture. 

He is a member of a number of associations including both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and has sat on a several committees for the College of Naturopaths of Ontario including the Discipline and Examinations Committee. As a result of his education and continued involvement with these regulatory bodies, he possesses a vast understanding of the best practices required for the highest quality of care and regulatory compliance. On an island in which natural health practices remain unregulated, this experience has been vital in ensuring the implementation of best practices. 

Prior to his degree in Naturopathy, Rick attended medical school in the United Kingdom. After a number of years of medical training and exposure to the mainstream healthcare system, he had become disillusioned with the typical approach to patient care and holistic health. In search of a more functional approach to wellness and patient care, Rick began to research and explore alternative practices; the more he learned about naturopathic medicine the more his belief in its principles was solidified. From the fundamental oath that underscores naturopathic practitioner’s obligations to medicine and patients to the overall concepts of treating root causes not symptoms of wellness, he knew naturopathic medicine was his calling. 

In conventional medicine, there’s a doctor for every part of your body, but in naturopathic medicine, practitioners like Rick see the body as an interconnected whole, within a larger environment. He recognizes that in order to treat one part of the body, all of the other parts must also be considered. 

Throughout his journey, Rick continued to seek knowledge on the various approaches to the best possible patient care, enhancing his knowledge through hands-on experience in dermatology and minor surgery, as well as acupuncture. 

Like the rest of the team at Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd., Rick understands and appreciates that wellness is a larger concept than health and believes in providing his clients with the tools to not only feel, but also look their best. He provides a natural holistic approach rooted in functional medicine, using traditional as well as unconventional tools to identify and recommend a treatment plan that works best for each individual client.

Rick was a natural selection for the Health Infusion Bermuda team due to these impressive qualifications and his clear passion for both holistic and aesthetic wellness. 

Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd. was also a natural selection for Rick; almost 20 years ago Rick had the pleasure of meeting a group of Bermudians during his post-secondary education in Halifax. In a typical Bermudian fashion, he was invited to visit their beautiful island which he fell in love with instantly. 

Ever since that initial visit, Rick has spent as much time possible returning to visit the island and becoming an avid scuba diver. He values and the beauty of the island, the culture and the people and is very much looking forward to dedicating his time at Health Infusion towards assisting in maintaining and enhancing the wellness of local residents.