Lead Clinician


Joyti is an active member of the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario and the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario and has been practising as a Registered Nurse since 2008. 

With an impressive background in clinical science and a passion for beauty, Joyti has worked with the Department of National Defence in Ontario, assisted international hospitals in establishing best-practices and owned her own cosmetic clinic in the core of downtown Toronto since 2012. 

She is one of the foremost experts in cutting edge beauty techniques, who lectures at conferences and trains other medical practitioners on best practices for ground-breaking, minimally invasive beauty procedures while also maintaining a substantive role within one of the major hospitals in Toronto. 

Joyti believes in excellence first and only offers her clients the safest, most effective and minimally invasive treatments to ensure the best, most natural results. 

Experienced in emergency situations and trained as a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario, Joyti approaches her work with a precise yet creative confidence that allows for exceptional results. As with all of the practitioners at Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd., Joyti utilizes and loves the services she provides, and is an avid health and beauty advocate. 

A Toronto native, she enjoys all things related to health and wellness and is an accomplished triathlete with a passion for running and biking. She believes wellness is a state beyond the absence of illness and endeavors to optimize her clients’ wellbeing by unlocking their confidence and clarity though the beauty services she offers. 

Excited to be given the opportunity to bring the most current techniques to a beautiful island, Joyti will be flying to Bermuda exclusively for clients of Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd. 1-2 days per month. This arrangement was carefully crafted to ensure clients access to the most cutting-edge and unique skills available in the beauty industry in North America, in the comfort of an upscale clinic in Bermuda.