Bobbi is a Bermudian by birth who has lived in Toronto, Canada since 2008 with her two sons aged 15 and 20. After the birth of her second child, she relocated to Canada to pursue her education.

Graduating summa cum laude, Bobbi has worked in a number of legal roles including the first female General Counsel, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary of the Canadian Football League. Not unfamiliar with navigating challenging situations, when faced with a myriad of complex health issues in 2013 Bobbi dedicated much of her time since, to researching and utilizing natural and cutting-edge techniques to restore and maintain optimal health. 

Successful in her endeavor, she began to notice the correlation between being healthy and looking good. Nourishment for purposes of physical enrichment extends beyond internal benefits; the products and processes she was practicing for wellness were providing visible enrichment as well. 

Through her own experience, Bobbi became a sophisticated consumer and advocate for holistic health and beauty. She grew to understand that cohesively, wellness is an active choice: a process of growth and enhancement to reach one’s fullest overall potential.

After returning to Bermuda in 2019, Bobbi created Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd. as a way to share the things she loves and believes in, in the first luxury, wellness boutique of its kind.